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Andrea passed away April 2, 2017 after a two year battle with ovarian cancer. Her family and friends would like to announce her newly formed “Andrea’s Hope Foundation”, as part of Andrea’s legacy. Your tax-deductible contributions will enable women battling ovarian cancer to find peace and comfort. Andrea’s Hope Foundation will use your contributions to help pay for hospice care, phamaceuticals, and other necessities that insurance might not cover, and to fund research. All funds will be used to either battle ovarian cancer or to ease the last difficult days of those whose battle is ending. We hope their final days may be as peaceful, rich, comfortable, and filled with love as we were able to make Andrea’s with the help of hospice care.

Various therapies such as music, massage, and pet therapy are not available for those without insurance. Even with insurance, most comfort level items are not covered. Things like bereavement counseling, ministerial counseling, nurse’s aides for extended periods of time, and even hospice care for those without the ability to afford hospice itself are but a few of the things “Andrea’s Hope Foundation” will endeavor to help fund for those who are in need.

While Andrea’s paintings have all found permanent homes, much of her work is owned by her family and is available for shows in legitimate venues. Her artwork is available as gicleé prints on canvas and fine art paper. A portion of the sale of her prints will be contributed to her Foundation. Contact her husband, Bart Harris, through andreashope.foundation or by calling Bart at (847) 845-3404.